About Fiberdata

As a pioneer and technology leader, and with people who
love working within this environment, Fiberdata is widely
recognized as one of the strongest independent system
integrators today. Among others, our customers include
operators, utilities and municipalities that offer broadband
connections in their respective localities.


After 30 years in a highly competitive market, we are now more determined to succeed than ever, and we operate from one of the most reliable data centers in the world. This combination enables Fiberdata to deliver solutions that no one else can.


Backed by our longstanding experience and expertise, we always strive to implement the most intelligent and flexible solutions. We adapt them wisely to suit our customers’ networks and operational challenges.


Our vast experience working with complex networks and solutions gives us the ability to provide a unique value. Through our staff and proven methods, we continuously demonstrate to our customers that they have chosen the right partner.

Today, we have approximately three dozen people working across the country who are ready to fulfill our mission. Regardless of network topologies,

whether its fiber, copper or wireless, Fiberdata wants to be your partner. We handle everything from feasibility studies and consulting, to delivery of equipment, commissioning and training. If you prefer, we can even make a total commitment with the operation and maintenance of your particular network.

We know how to network. Challenge us.


Our vision is a better environment in which we streamline our future’s digital society through new technology, centralized management and protection of critical data in one of the most secure environments in the world.


By bringing together the best combination of people, solutions, methods and our operating system, we are the clear choice for companies, municipalities, metropolitan networks and operators. Our customers demand the most cost effective, reliable and secure solutions the market has to offer.

At the beginning of the day, all the way to
the end of the day, success depends on
people who never know when to stop.

A strong team for a strong network.
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Elevator Pitch

We are experts in networking. We offer
well-chosen equipment, build and install
nationwide unique solutions, as well as
handle operations and the maintenance
of staffing around the clock. We are a
turnkey supplier for the physical cables
that are in place.

Quality and Environment

In April 2010, we received our ISO 14001 environmental certification. The purpose of our environmental management system is to be supporting pillar for environmental work, and an instrument to systematically implement continuous improvements in operations. In our business guide, we have collected comprehensive policies and practices based on the requirements outlined in ISO 9001.

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