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Fiberdata offers outsource customer service that is 100%
focused on broadband networks.

Support in Open Networks and Urban Networks place high demands on having the
knowledge necessary to understand the complexity of these networks.

Fiberdata Customer Service professionals have best-in-class customer relations and
technical competence. Thanks to the support of a secure and advanced technology
platform, we have been able to grow and evolve to meet our customers' needs and
surpass their expectations in a wide variety of ways.

In combination with our provisioning offering, we can effectively support a complete network with full control over your customer's customer lifecycle.

Our switching solution is highly flexible with features such as IVR Trees (IVR), voice mail, statistics, and more. With a focus on Open Networks and Urban Networks, Fiberdata offers the following services:

  • Customer Care services
  • Incoming sales
  • Technical Support
  • Telemarketing services
  • Manual ant technical provisioning services
  • Receiving orders and administration

You don’t handle future network
challenges with today’s way of working.
Neither do we.

A strong team for a strong network.
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Fiberdata has vast experience with the manual provisioning of services on varying platforms.

All systems in an Urban Network are fully automated, while many services in an Open Network environment need to be provisioned manually. We have extensive experience in a wide range of access technologies such as FTTx, xDSL, DOCSIS and wireless.

We quickly and efficiently respond to meet our customers’ most critical needs with provisioning tasks that may include:

  • Customer activation or deactivation
  • Clearance of accounts
  • Customer migration
  • Service changes
  • Ensuring accurate data from providers
  • Investigations to enable accurate billing and customer dialogue

As a rule, we generate standard reports that are presented to our customers at pre-determined, agreed-upon intervals.

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