Fiberdata Network Consultants have experience from
developing and designing nearly 100 of Sweden’s most
complex urban networks.

No two customers are exactly alike, and neither are the networks we
develop and maintain for them. Our Network Consultants undergo 
a continuous program of professional education and certification on most
commercially available products. We put this knowledge of the latest
broadband innovations to work to accurately assess your organization’s
needs, objectives and budget.

Delivering the capacity and security
necessary to meet your network needs
today, and implementing a roadmap for
your organization to follow tomorrow.

Our Network Consultants take your unique needs into account when a new design and architecture is developed for new and existing broadband networks by considering the following, among others:

  • Analysis of the existing network and proposals for streamlining
  • Presentation and proposed the introduction of a service
    node concept
  • Simplification of network architecture and design
  • Simplification of network management and configuration

Looking for the fastest, smartest, most
flexible, powerful way to future-proof your
network from a single source?
Here we are.

A strong team for a strong network.
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Consultants - Project Managers

Fiberdata Project Managers have vast experience learned
from working on large and complex network
installation and migration projects.

These are the professionals who personally lead and drive the
team assigned to your network. They ensure that budgets are maintained, risks
are properly assessed, complex challenges are addressed, timelines are
kept, and strategic goals are met.

Our Project Managers continuously
evolve their skillsets as technology
advances and new project management
tools are available.

In order to help you reach your goals, clear lines of communication and routines are established. Plus, hardware, software and staff are constantly evaluated so the right resources are always in place to match the scope of your network, including:

  • Developing an activity plan, schedule and budget.
  • Developing a technical solution and design that meets
    a customer’s unique requirements.
  • Securing the right resources for implementation.
  • Actively managing external dependencies and risks.
  • Continuous status reporting to the steering committee
    or customers.
  • Securing the final delivery, including documentation
    and acceptance from customers.

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