After 30 years of experience in the networking and fiber optic product segment
selling routers, switches and passive and active optical equipment, we know all
aspects of these products.

The Fiberdata Sales and Technical Sales Support team is always
available to give the necessary advice and updates on the latest
products and technology.

For testing and answering Qquestions
about detailed technical requirements, we
organize technical workshops, short
training sessions or presentations.

Customers often ask us to provide results from lab tests or proof of concept demonstrations to help verify their requirements. We provide equipment, extensive knowledge and resources to make these activities efficient and successful.


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Products and Accessories

BNG and Core routers

The Huawei Net Engine 40E Series Universal Service Router is based on the latest 400Gigabit platform. And because it is compatible with all line cards currently offered, the NE40E minimizes investment costs.

To ensure carrier-class transmission reliability, the NE40E includes powerful transport services and convergence features, and supports flexible configuration variations with features such as:

  • Layer 3 Broadband Network Gateway (BNG)
  • Layer 2 and 3 Virtual Private Network (L2VPN/L3VPN)
  • Multicast routing
  • Multicast VPN (MVPN)
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Traffic Engineering (TE)
  • Carrier Grade NAT (CGN)
  • Advanced QoS

The NE40E also supports IPv6 and functions for an effortless migration from IPv4.

Huawei S7700, 9700 and 12700

In addition to box switches, Huawei chassis-based distribution switches also offer support for switching, routing, MPLS, IPv6, and much more. Using the latest Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) card the chassis can utilize the latest Layer 2 Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) features.

As all three series comes in many different sizes and offer a range of low and high density cards we can make sure we always meet the rights specification requirements and cost expectation.

Huawei S6720

The S6700 series is a next generation GE/10G box switch. The S6700 is used to advantage either in a data center or in the warehouse of a Metropolitan Area Network. The product is available in 24 or 48 GE SFP + / 10G ports. The S6700 provides a wide option of features, advanced security policies, MPLS and various QoS features that enable users to build highly scalable, manageable and secure networks. The latest version S6700S have been designed to be particularly compact and small in size.

Huawei S57xx

As end users demand higher speeds, Gigabit to the home has become the new preferred standard. Networks that choose to upgrade, often select a Gigabit switch. Many gigabit switches also have the capacity to offer SFP + uplink options. This makes it possible to begin with a Gigabit SFP that can be upgraded in the future to 10G.

The new switches, which now feature new capabilities, enable double tagging in one step. This offers advantages that include the option for an Urban Network to operate with “free seating”.

The S5700 series of products offer many different versions to allow customers to choose the specific type of product they need. The S5700 series has the widest range of product versions available on the market.

Waystream MS4000

The MS4000 is specialized for FTTH access and has special features integrated for IPTV and multicast analysis. By providing a multicore processor platform the Real time Protocol Monitoring (RPM) feature allows simultaneous quality measurements of several TV channels at the same time.

In addition, Huawei, we also work closely with the following suppliers:

Huawei Partner

Today, no other Huawei partner in the Nordics is more
developed or capable than Fiberdata.

While Fiberdata works with a number of vendors in the product segments
we offer, we have steadily deepened our commitment to Huawei
technologies over time. Fiberdata’s cooperation with Huawei began in
2011 when we made the decision to send around 20 of our employees to a
weeklong training session to China.

Huawei has named Fiberdata a Value Added Partner (VAP). This is Huawei’s highest graded partner status.

Fiberdata became a Huawei Training Partner in 2014, and we educate customers in Huawei training programs in our own facility. We have also invested in becoming a 3 Star Service Partner by building our own product warehouse stocked with spares and SLA options. This allows us to ship out the most requested Huawei products most often the same day it is needed.

Over the years, Fiberdata has earned prizes and recognition in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Nordics, including:

  • Outstanding Reseller of 2014
  • Outstanding Business Value Partner 2015
  • Competence Enhancement Partner 2015
  • Member of Huawei Elite Club 2015
  • Value Added Partner of the Year 2016
  • Member of Huawei Elite Club 2016