Our Software Developers design and integrate
architecture that streamlines the installation, operation
and maintenance of complex networks.

Knowledge is power. And our Software Developers know exactly how, when
and where to plug in what they’ve learned since the first optical
networks were deployed in Sweden, and put it to work for our customer’s
benefit today.

Hardware is interchangeable.

Software is programmable.

Knowledge that’s critical to the successful
launch and ongoing operation of public
sector and private enterprise works of
any size.

Our Software Developers’ experience ranges from the development of key backend components necessary for powering and delivering broadband services, to the analysis, design and implementation of server applications that are developed in close collaboration with our Network Consultants, Project Managers and NOC Engineers.

Fiberdata Open City
Network Software

Our “Open City Network Software" allows Urban Network operators
to automatically integrate systems with both the end
user and service provider.

This solution includes processes such as retail activation, self-registration, generating billing records, and integration with
other systems available in the Urban Network.

Because the network control system integrates the underlying technology, the end customers’ data can be managed directly
from the customer management interfaces.

Open City Network Software Consists of Several modular Parts:

  • Open RADIUS is an Element Manager for Broadband Network Gateways (BNG)
  • Open Provisioning is a customer database and the provisioning interface
  • Open Portal is the end customer interface for service self activation
  • Open DDI is used for handling IP addresses and name services
  • Open API allow service providers to integrate provisioning and troubleshooting
  • Open MT and Open SE are tools and graphical interfaces for service provider

The time to create a new legacy
for your network is right now.
And everything you need to do it
is all right here.

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Our Unique Position

The Fiberdata system solution consists of modular components that can be selected independently of each other, and combined with existing systems.
As a result, redundancy issues for mission-critical components are non-existent.

In addition, a new product is also under development. This is a component that can be
used by service providers for troubleshooting
and customer management

The system can be purchased or rented as
a service.

Buy or rent the system?

Buy or rent the system?

  • Buying systems are more suitable for some customers.    Often, this is the best option in cases where it has its own technical   expertise and experience.
  • Buying all of the software from existing providers can cost from  half a million Swedish Krona or more, depending on the number
    of features that are included.
  • Fiberdata offers an option where the equipment is rented on
    a monthly basis with low startup costs and standardized features.
  • Leased systems that are non-critical operations are normally
    placed in Area X, Fiberdata’s hosting facility.
  • Local elements such as RADIUS, DHCP, DNS, are placed in
    the urban network. In the case of leased software,
    this solution includes computer hardware.
  • The commitment of “rented” software also includes the
    management of Fiberdata’s backup solution, “Disaster Recovery”,
    and the logging of traffic data under the Data Retention Directive.
  • The systems can be combined with an existing provisioning
    system or other components present in the urban network.

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