NOC Services

Fiberdata Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians
are focused on one task above all others: To keep your network
up and online without interruption.

Working with complex network environments requires quick, critical
thinking. Fiberdata Network Operations Center (NOC) technician are
highly educated, trained professionals who constantly monitor the core
network of our customers to ensure that peak operating efficiency is

At every hour of the day and night, on
every day of the year, your network is
constantly monitored and maintained.

In the event that a deviation in the normal operating mode of your network is detected, for any reason, Fiberdata NOC technicians take immediate action, including:

  • Contacting you or other parties via email, SMS, or by phone    in accordance with our case management system.
  • Initiating action, such as restarting your router, detecting errors,    and correcting them.
  • Taking further action, such as deeper troubleshooting,    or diverting traffic throughout your network to optimize its    capacity and operability.
  • Deploying technicians to perform services on-site at your facility,   wherever it may be, whenever necessary.

At the beginning of the day, all the way to the end of the day, success depends on people who never know when to stop.

A strong team for a strong network.
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Fiberdata Technical Support is flexible
and can be paired with other managed
services to create a comprehensive
solution for you.

Technical Support for Open Networks, Urban Networks and other complex networks requires deep knowledge, flexibility and an analytical mind. Many of our customers also have a mixed environment of hardware. We handle equipment from Huawei, Ericsson, Alcatel, HP, H3C, Extreme, Waystream, Cisco, and others on a daily basis.

Our Technical Support staff delivers, among other services:
– Troubleshooting networks and associated systems
– Configuring networks
– Hotline support

We provide performance management
and service quality management services
as add on services

Our Service Performance Management includes specialists who are capable of collecting and analyzing data and traffic trends. With data collection, we take a proactive approach to applying preventive measures to identify overloaded components and deal with load problems before they affect your network.

System Performance Management includes, among others:

  • Tools with web interface.
  • Functions for creating graphic reports of traffic volumes through the interface.
  • Functions for monitoring of system resources such as CPU load and memory usage.
  • Functions for generating reports with traffic and resource statistics.
  • Traffic graph reporting set up in consultation with the Customer.


Traffic types and resources that can be
measured include broadcast, multicast,
errors, and the sum of all network traffic.

Values for minimum and maximum network traffic limits are developed in cooperation between Fiberdata and our customers. When the monitoring of traffic or resources goes above or below these limits, an alarm is triggered. This is the basis for the monthly load report that we produce and present at each operation meeting.

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